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Did I tell you that the president of these here united states came to my school on monday?

Because he did. And basically uninvited the entire CC from coming to school. Coming to school was ‘invitation only’ if you wanted to go to his event. It would be shitty thing for them to do especially since we were only told about it on Saturday, (short notice much, White House people?) but apparently there was a french test I didn’t know about.

The most productive thing I did during these past two days is be dragged to the store by my mom take my watch to the mall so some dude could put a battery in it. The watch in question, ‘misplaced’ exactly one year ago, found sometime in August with a dead battery, sitting by my front door for 4 months.

I could be doing productive things right now too, but I’m currently preoccupied with you, tumblr, and 21 Cats With Fur Hearts.. Happy Valentines Day that was yesterday and not today!

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